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Sprawled across the ground floor of a charming heritage bungalow, in the heart of the city, is Vadodara’s trendiest new lifestyle store - Casa Buzallong. 

Making a home isn’t easy. There’s endless fights and sleepless nights, budgets are diffcult to stick to and needs are always increasing, after all home decor, home accessories and furniture have no limits 😀😀

While it’s difficult to fix those problems, casa buzallong wants to make moving into your home a lot easier, a lot more fun and the process a lot smoother.

We have a plethora of products, some are made in-house, others outsourced and still others branded mostly from India.
Products range from furniture (sofas, chairs, console tables , side tables, centre tables, dining tables, ottomans, stools, pouffs) to home decor ( candle stands, vases, rugs, throws, artefacts, artificial flowers, frames, chalkboards, barware, glassware, crockery, bathroom accessories, cheese platters, trays, serving bowls and lots of other such things).

Take an appointment, make us your interior consultants, or hop over with your interior designers and architects , casa buzallong is the one place where all your interior needs will be met (well almost all😀).

For all the architects and interior designers, get in touch with us if you are looking for specific products or if you want to bring your clients over, takenan appointment so we can show you around.

We can’t design your house but we can make your house a home that you will love to stay in forever.
For anyone who wants to shop online, our website will be up and running by January/ February, we are currently working on it.
Good luck and happy shopping

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